Artist Statement
The Infinite Mindscape / Net Structures of Happy Mind

“I want to take viewers into the very depth of their heart and soul and remind them of who they are.”
- Insook Hwang

     My role as an artist is to inspire and energize people with love and positive energy through my art, which is creating magical forms and imaginative spaces. Through my playful abstract forms, I portray a metaphorical world where there are no cultural, political, racial, religious, national and ideological differences - no boundaries. It is a transcendental space filled with love and joyful energy of the universe.

     From 2001, I've developed diverse mixed media and techniques, which combine traditional techniques (such as freehand drawing, painting, collage, sewing, and stamping) with various digital techniques (digital print, lenticular prints, digital cutting, photography and animation). The evolution of this has led to my current mixed media works utilizing my own unique cloning and collage techniques. The special characteristics of my works lie in the repetitive, playful and whimsical combinations of cartoon-like symbols and marks. When creating forms digitally, I use each small image like a living cell, replicating them with slight variations in their form.

     Since 2008, I have been creating my own lenticular prints (holograms) and applying them as distinctive visual elements in my works. The lenticulars, along with mirrors, add the element of time to my works and one more dimension to my installations. The lenticulars reveal different images when seen from different angles as if multiple different spaces (times) exists in one spot. The mirrors in my work are crucial elements visually and conceptually. It invites viewers and incorporate them into my works: The mirrors are like a peep hole between the universe and the viewer’s space, reflecting the viewer’s moment of now, existing as a planet in the space. The reflections in the mirrors are constantly changing making my work open to each present moment.

     In the series, Jubilation (2012), LoLoLove (2012), Magic Bubbles (2012), Happy Nation (2012), The Moments (2013), Purple Dance (2013), Purple Dance: Movement 1- 6 (2013), and the Infinite Mindscape series: Energy - Love: Miracle (2015), Universe of Love (2018),  Love: Life Force (2019), Energy - Love: Bubbles of Healing & Rejuvenation (2020), the abstract marks of two figures that appear to hold hands and dance together symbolize the DNA of harmony and the joy of humankind. In the lenticulars, I portray myself as the cell of happiness and love, sitting like a multi armed Buddha in the blue/green, pink and yellow bubbles, with the abstract heart marks spreading out.

     Energy - Love: Bubbles of Healing & Rejuvenation (2020), represents the vibrations of energy and infinite love flowing through me (from the universe) toward all human beings, wishing them wellbeing and happiness. In the lenticulars, I digitally manipulated the images that I found online of performers of different cultures dancing and singing and overlaid them with images of flowers that I encountered in my daily life. The dots inside the lenticular continue the repeating element of the circular shapes, obscuring only the faces in the images to anonymize the individuals. I also merged the image of my self-portrait, as multi armed buddha, with one of the pink flowers traveling in the space. The circles, their distribution patterns, create constellations in the universe.

     The net structures in my work symbolize the boundless mind (a mind free of prejudice), transforming and expanding, infinitely like the constellations of the universe. For the series of recent work, Net Structures of Happy Mind (2019, 12” x 16”), I created two simple net shapes, a contrast to the complex and large scale net installations of: Best Wishes From The Magic Temple (layers of large drawings) Guardian - White Dino (2012, 6.5' x 8.5'), The Tower (2012, 15' x 11'), Spaceship (2012, 13.7' x 11'), and Blue Mountains (2013, 15” x 26”). I focused my experimentation with the Net Structures of Happy Mind on colors, vibrant and contrasting color combinations between painted and collaged colors, making the work bold and rich like jewels. The textures and thickness of the lines of each work vary according to techniques applied, some are painted and collaged with contrasting layers of color while others are created with just one layer of paint. Different sections are cut out and filled in by attaching the lenticulars and mirrors to the back of the canvas, giving depth, making each work unique. The Net Structures of Happy Mind series is the cumulation of this process with techniques of collage, painting, drawing, digital imaging and lenticular making.

     The Infinite Mindscape, drawings with bubbles and spheres, and Net Structures of Happy Mind, through these invigorating forms and spaces from my mind - resembling deep blue ocean or blue night sky shining with countless celestial stars - I send my warm wishes of peace, wellbeing and love to the people. In my mind, all people in the world are bright, shiny, well and happy.